Automating Transportation Management
Automating Transportation Management
Creating cloud enabled solutions to expedite transaction flows between logistics players

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Who we are

We create solutions to simplify transaction chains between different logistics stakeholders. Through our products, we bring the key players of the logistics industry to the 21st century Some of our features include:

  • Pay as you go SaaS model
  • Automating manual processes of pre-notes, notifications and accessorials
  • Using blockchain to enable trust and non-repudiation of transactions
  • Intelligent detection and processing of accessorials
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    Intermodal companies

    • Central figure in roboTMS
    • Both automated and manual data input and modification of load data
    • Total automation of Prenotes, notifications and accessorials
    • Ability to rank and group loads
    • Can reward drivers with choicest loads
    • Intelligent accessorials triggers


    • Provides pre-filled driver forms with load data, eliminating manual errors.
    • Allows drivers to photograph and share load and seal data
    • Allows privileged drivers to self-allocate loads
    • Facilitates submission and approvals of driver-initiated accessorials


    • Initiates pre-notes with IMCs via email
    • Allows for digitally-signed accessorial approval
    • Uses blockchain to ensure non-repudiation and trust in transactions
    • Automated invoice submissions
    • Periodic reminders to complete approvals and payments

    Railroads and Ships

    • Tracking of loads using railroad APIs
    • Notifies railroads with requisite load data for quicker processing.
    • Automated processing of railroads' notifications

    Our products


    Automated Transporation Management

    "Automation first" Intelligent transportation system that integrates tightly to "Arrivn" Driver mobile app. A Saas model pricing that lets Intermodal companies pay as-you-go. Intermodal companies transact with their eco system of drivers, railroads, shipping lines and 3rd party logistics companies with trust and security


    Driver Mobile App

    A mobile app for drivers that takes out error prone manual entry by the drivers. Automated app alerts like cancellations save time, effort and money by alerting drivers. A tool that lets driver report about the load and implicitly trigger various processes to logistics players with accurate data and photos.



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